TGI Fridays can be FREE- May 2014

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TGI Fridays has some great promotions on right now… and lucky for TGI Fridays fans, all of them include the word ‘FREE’! The first TGI Fridays coupon is for a FREE appetizer when you download their app.  All you have to do is click the image below and you will be re-directed to the page that allows you to download the app.

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 10.10.19 AM

Up next, if you visit TGI Friday’s homepage and sign up for their Program Perks, they have some great offers for FREE stuff! Once you sign up, they will send you a coupon for a FREE appetizer or dessert. Once a member, you will also receive a FREE dessert (with the purchase of an entree) in your birthday month! Signing up is free and totally worth it, so head over to and click on the ‘get rewards’ tab at the top. From there you can sign up and view the program perks details (found under the ‘program perks’ tab on the left). Your membership card (Give Me More Stripes) also allows you to earn stripes when you eat; the more stripes, the more free stuff!

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 10.23.21 AM

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